At RUUPA KRUPA  Makeup Academy we are committed to providing the techniques, ability, and confidence to allow each student to excel in this exciting and competitive industry. Our aim is to create artists with not only passion and enthusiasm, but most of all superlative makeup skills.

RUUPA KRUPA’s goal is to mould all students into professional makeup artists. By expanding their creative abilities through our one-on-one instructed advanced courses of makeup and hair styling at affordable prices. With over 18 years of experience she always believes in real world learning experience for her students by taking them along in latest client projects like fashion shoots, bridals etc.

She has designed the programs herself to ensure that as a student you are learning what you really need to know to be a successful artist in the industry. The team at RUUPA KRUPA   are constantly thinking of ways to create new and trendy courses that will keep you looking fresh and current.

In addition to the courses, we also provide client services like bridal, fashion shoots, party makeup and hair styling.

Our entire facility is equipped with highend brands and newest techniques  in the makeup business. This allows students to have practical knowledge of the latest equipments and products used in the industry.

Our vision is coming true class after class.

Pro Intensive Makeup and Hair Course

By Ruupa Krupa 

Ruupa and Krupa, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, have revolutionized the makeup and hair industry with their exceptional talent and unwavering passion. With 17 years of experience under her belt, Ruupa has become a household name, known for her impeccable skills and artistry. Inspired by her mother’s profound impact, Krupa embarked on her own journey at the tender age of 18, following her heart’s calling to pursue a career in makeup and hair. Together, they founded their prestigious academy six years ago, imparting their knowledge and expertise to countless aspiring artists. Their dedication and commitment have led them to train over 250 students, all of whom have flourished under their guidance. The pinnacle of their success came in the form of a groundbreaking partnership with pac cosmetics, securing their first stage just within the first year of their journey. With an extraordinary trajectory behind them, Ruupa and Krupa continue to strive for excellence, aiming to inspire and empower budding artists in the captivating world of makeup and hair.
We aim at building Our Empire With our lovely students , Inspiring them to achieve their Dreams
just as we did